Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More Than Two

More Than Two, published in September, 2014, is a book with a sharp focus on ethical non-monogamy.  Its authors, Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert attended APW 2014, where I had the privilege of meeting both.  At the conference, Franklin gave the keynote address and they jointly held informative workshops, which I attended.

Franklin is well known in the poly community, largely due to an expansive online blog which he has maintained for years.  Eve is a professional writer, editor and entrepreneur.  They are partners in work and life, and maintain a long distance relationship.  He lives in Portland, Oregon; she in Vancouver, BC.

I recently read somewhere that 36 books have been written on the subject of polyamory in the last thirty years.  This number sounds about right and I have read at least twenty-five of them.  More than any other, this book forces me to think.  Many well-grounded ideas and concepts are presented (some through the authors’ personal experience) which can be of benefit to those in any romantic relationship structure, even a monogamous relationship.  Although I am poly and well read, I learned some new things.  One of the more interesting is Eve’s poly structure, which was formed and is currently maintained for reasons I had not previously thought of.  I’m not going to give this away; you’ll have to read the book and you will be glad you did.