Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Utopia 2014

The Temple of Divine Ecstasy is an earth-based pagan church, which sponsors two annual festivals: Utopia in the fall and Body Magick in the spring.  I just returned from Utopia 2014, held on the church sanctuary grounds in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.  The festival, like all Temple events, is a joyous celebration of life, love, spirit and sex.

On Friday evening, we gathered in the Community Center for Moksha Magick, a sacred sexuality ritual created and practiced by the Temple.  Moksha in general means freedom, release, liberation, and more specifically, freedom from our world of mundane, ordinary experiences.  Magick, spelled with a ‘k’ to distinguish it from stage magic, can be defined as any willed action leading to intended change.

To repeat, Moksha Magick is a sacred sexuality ritual.  It is sacred, involving a connection with divinity, and it is a form of sex magick, using sexual arousal to heighten energy levels.  Moksha Magick, then, uses the potent force of sexual energy to send out an intention or intentions to a receptive, loving universe.

The term energy, of course, can be used in either an esoteric or scientific context. Subtle, or non-physical, energy is used in spiritual practices and in alternative forms of healing.  This form of energy is unknown to current science and has many doubters. Physical energy is undeniable and well known to current science.  It exists in many forms and can be measured by the amount of work done.

I have witnessed on numerous occasions the effects of subtle energy, and thus, I have no doubt whatsoever about its existence.  My personal belief is that non-physical energy is really physical energy that will someday be understood by science.  Throughout history, there have been many examples of this as science has evolved.  Two hundred years ago, the effects of electricity and magnetism were often attributable to “spirit”, as a result of being unprovable.

Now, back to Utopia and Moksha Magick.  Each time a peak of sexual arousal was reached by the woman on the table being stimulated, the music player crackled.  With each peak of arousal, came a crackle: moan - crackle, moan - crackle, moan - crackle.  As this pattern continued, her pleasure spikes and the subtle energy interference coincided perfectly.  Clearly, this was no coincidence.  Afterwards, some folks, more sensitive to energy than me, gave testimony that they could feel the energy rise with each peak of arousal.  I found the experience to be a fascinating intersection between the physical and non-physical worlds of energy.

I am eagerly awaiting Utopia 2015.