Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reiki Master

I worked in the mortgage industry for 30 years and then sold real estate during the last 13 years of my career. After retiring on January 1, 2011, I embarked upon the study of polyamory, paganism and energy, topics that led to what at first was mere curiosity about Reiki. Over time, curiosity evolved into a serious interest in practicing the art (or science) of Reiki.  

Years prior, I was first exposed to concepts surrounding nonphysical energy through the study of tantra. I learned about such things as the energy centers and pathways, but over the years remained a skeptic. For a long time, I believed that the seven major energy centers (chakras) were little more than graphic representations used to explain the very real feelings and emotions experienced during tantric exercises.  Today, I know better and credit the process of becoming a Reiki master for a far more advanced understanding of energy in general, and more importantly, of the energy self.

Nonetheless, I have a keen understanding that realities exist beyond human perception. For me, a total understanding of the workings of Reiki falls into this category. Every day, I enjoy the wonders of the internet, while lacking a comprehensive grasp of its workings. Sometimes, it is enough to know that something just works.

On September 9, 2012, I achieved my third degree, or master level, Reiki certification. I was attuned by my teacher, Richard C. Fiallo, Reiki Master, from Healing Today.