Monday, July 9, 2012

A Fertility Blessing for My Love and Her Husband

Divine Source, of this perfect and fully connected Universe, bless My Love and Her Husband as they join in physical union this evening; bless them always and in all ways while they continue down a path to bring new life into the Universe.  They have taken steps to improve fertility odds, and this is good, but grant them freedom from worry and stress, for this is defeating.  Grant them the wisdom to understand that the primary purpose of physical love is neither procreation nor pleasure, but rather, to connect with the Divine, however perceived, in sacred sexuality.  Only thus, it will be done as You will it.  They share a great love for each other; let this and the connection with You be their focus.

If sperm and egg connect, bring them great Joy; if not, bring them peace and continued love for each other and for You.